Fixture Beam Analyzer™ is a Windows application that allows accurate analysis of the beam pattern of a lighting fixture.

 Using a webcam connected to a PC and a set of dimming filters, the application gives numerical data, distribution patterns and curves that are close to what you can normally only obtain using a very expensive goniophotometer.

 The application is especially useful for technicians, optics specialists and developers who need to analyze fixture output in connection with lamp or other adjustments. Fixture Beam Analyzer™ makes it easy to see (and if necessary measure) hot-spots, unevenness and asymmetrical patterns in the light output, which can be a useful guide and save time when optimizing a fixture. Fixtures that are correctly set up are brighter and more efficient, with optimal color rendition.

The Fixture Beam Analyzer can be used with both wash and profile fixtures and is especially useful when lamp adjustments are needed following a lamp change.

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